Square Willy Guhl Concrete Planters

Willy Guhl was one of the very first industrial designers in Switzerland, an innovative, pioneering Swiss furniture designer. Best remembered for his weather-resistant cement designs produced by the Swiss company Eternit.

He made his mark through unconventional experimentation with new materials, concise and timeless designs and a huge technical understanding.
“At the center of my efforts, I put people and their living requirements,” said Guhl. “I want to improve their immediate environment. My products must be useful to people.”

He was born in 1915 in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland, and attended the University of Industrial Arts before becoming a part of the neo-functional design scene in Europe during the mid-20th century.
In 1951, the Swiss company Eternit, which originally focused on fiber-reinforced concrete roofing and cladding, commissioned Guhl—along with his students at the School of Applied Arts—to create concrete planters. He created products that were elegant yet extremely strong and stable. His works were characterized by their simplicity, usefulness and self-evident function.
He died on 4 October 2004 in Hemishofen, Switzerland.

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Product Specifications

410mmH x 430mmH